One hundred years of NasonMoretti: the exhibition

One Hundred Years of NasonMoretti is the exhibition that aims to celebrate one of Murano's most prosperous businesses. Organized at the Museo del Vetro, it will run from May 19 to January 6, 2024. Curated by Cristina Beltrami and Chiara Squarcina.

The words of the president of the MUVE Foundation

A celebrated and important reality for the entire island of Murano that is celebrating a century of activity. "An occasion" - as MUVE Foundation President Mariacristina Gribaudi says - "to look back, unveil the archives and share with the public of the Glass Museum an important company history made of more than ten thousand models." "The exhibition - and the subsequent celebratory volume published by Marsilio - will give an account of the most successful objects created by the furnace and of the collaborations with some important names in design and architecture, without neglecting a section dedicated to current events demonstrating the vitality of this great Murano family business," anticipate Cristina Beltrami and Chiara Squarcina, curators of the exhibition.

The art of the table

Established in 1923, NasonMoretti Glassworks chose a specific direction right from the start, the art of the table. With a deep modern flair, capable of holding fast to the traditional technique of the past while reinterpreting it according to contemporary formulas. NasonMoretti is renowned for its skill in working with hand-blown glass and creating a wide range of objects. Including table glass, glasses, vases, lamps and decorative objects. Their production is distinguished by craftsmanship, attention to detail, and elegant shapes.

A landmark

Founded in 1923 by Vincenzo Nason, the company has a long history of creating high-quality glass pieces and innovative designs. On the strength of a rich palette and a constant openness to the new, NasonMoretti has become a design landmark since the 1950s. When in 1955 the Lidia cups won the Compasso d'oro and its assiduous presence at the Biennale di Venezia began. The exhibition-and the subsequent celebratory volume-will give an account of the most successful objects created by the kiln and collaborations with some of the leading names in design and architecture, without neglecting a section devoted to current events demonstrating the great vitality of this historic Murano family business.

A point of reference

Over the years, NasonMoretti has collaborated with many internationally renowned designers and artists to create unique and innovative pieces. Collectors and design lovers appreciate their production alike. NasonMoretti continues to be one of Murano's most important furnaces, contributing to the preservation and promotion of traditional glass art. Their pieces are displayed in museums and galleries around the world, testifying to their reputation for excellence in Murano glass.

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