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Visiting Murano: the gem of the Venetian lagoon

Visiting Murano is something to consider when you are near Venice. The second largest island, it is world famous for its colorful houses and its history, which is deeply linked to glass production. This island brings with it a unique cultural heritage. For this reason, you should consider it not only as a stop-over destination but also as a stay, for an unforgettable vacation.

What is the island of Murano famous for?

The history that has made the island famous begins in the year 1000 with the arrival of glassmaking in Venice, thanks to trade relations with the East. Like many other islands north of the lagoon, Murano was colonized following the barbarian invasions in the late 5th century. The island’s first economic activities were centered on fishing and the salt trade. Its great development and renowned wealth began with the 1291 decree that forced all glassworks in Venice to move to the island, as they were easily subject to fire and a source of danger to the city itself. 

Glass blowing

Years of history have sculpted the walls of this unique island: visiting Murano is an unparalleled experience. You can visit furnaces that have been active for hundreds of years, blow glass with the world’s most famous masters, see them create their works of art, visit Museo del Vetro, and buy unique souvenirs. Murano is a beautiful island located in the Venetian Lagoon that is world famous for its thousand-year-old tradition of glassmaking. One of the main reasons for visiting Murano is the opportunity to witness the glassblowing process firsthand. Here, you can find numerous furnaces and workshops that open their doors to the public, allowing you to admire master glassmakers at work creating authentic glass marvels. It is a real thrill to watch the transformation of molten glass into a beautiful work of art.

Where are the colorful little houses in Murano?

In addition to glass production, Murano also offers enchanting panoramic views and fascinating canals. Strolling through its picturesque streets, among the typical colorful houses that characterize the entire island, you can admire charming Venetian palaces and lively squares. Murano’s beauty shines at sunset, when the golden light of the sun reflects off the water, creating a magical and romantic atmosphere. Murano is easily accessible from Venice by ferry, which offers a short and pleasant crossing across the lagoon. So, if you are planning a Venice trip, devoting a few hours, or a stay, visiting Murano is an unmissable opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and beauty of glassmaking.

How to reach Murano?

Murano can only be reached by sea. Several ferry lines depart from Venice with Murano as their destination. They stop at different points in the city, such as Piazzale Roma and the Santa Lucia train station. There is also a night line in service. The minimum journey time is 10 minutes but may vary depending on the ferry chosen.

How long does it take to see Murano?

Visiting Murano calmly and exploring it in all its splendor requires at least half a day. Between explorations to the furnaces, museums dedicated to the art of glass, don’t forget to take time to visit the island in relaxation. Even a simple walk takes on a different flavor in this unique atmosphere. Discover the characteristic calle and take a break to enjoy the specialties of the lagoon. To experience a dream vacation, consider devoting a stay to the island and not just a few hours’ excursion. You will not regret it!