MURANO Glass Experiences

Alessandro Mandruzzato and the glass grinding

Glass grinding is a specialty technique that has been used by the Mandruzzato family for almost a century. The process of grinding consists of 12 skilled steps that involve cutting with diamond wheels and other types of manual machinery. The steps are repeated over and over again until the piece is the idealistic shape and size.

Modern design from ancient tradition

The Mandruzzato family has led the way in contemporary Murano home decor fashions with unique handmade pieces and elegant, distinctive lines always custom made for personalization. From the geometric, flat sides and carved, minimalist and sinuous details of the brand’s early years, Mandruzzato’s home decor pieces have gradually evolved to become icons of simplicity and exclusive luxury home decor.

Made to measure

To make the purchase really unique, the customer can choose a piece of Murano glass and make it personal, from the shape and color handmade to the smallest details such as texture, engraved custom text, and metallic colors even the company logo can be applied on our glass creations.