MURANO Glass Experiences

A Lampworking Experience.

A Lampworking Experience

One of the facets of the world of glass, "lampwork".

We work with the flame, with the flame we make pearls, jewels, sculptures and much more.A morning in the laboratory with the master, you will create what you want most and then ... your works, why not take them home !?

  • Glass framework experience
  • Glass work atelier
  • Glass workshop

Included services: All equipment is provided by the master.

Number of participants per event: from 1 to 10


A whole morning of immersion in the world of glass.

You will be welcomed by the Master who will support you in the laboratory, his staff will prepare you and guide you until the completion of your works.A unique satisfaction, the real contact with the Murano glass.

Meeting point: Show up at the Sleep in MURANO tourist office, Vaporetto MUSEO stop, 10 minutes before the chosen time..

Address: Riva Longa, 25, 30141 Venezia VE, Italia - Murano MUSEO stop